Time for colourful poinsettias

Christmas wonderland with poinsettias

Poinsettias are just as much a part of Christmas as the Christmas tree, home-baked cookies and candlelight. With their magnificent bracts they bring colour to winter rooms and light up happy faces. This beautiful winter bloomer is also extremely versatile and diversified. Whether in red, pink, white, salmon, apricot or the many other available colour shades, either as a miniature or shrub, potted plant or cut flowers, in the living room, kitchen or children’s room – with poinsettias any room can be transformed into a gaily-coloured winter wonderland that is an invitation to feel at home, indulge in a Christmas daydream and celebrate.

Fireworks of colour

Whether as a brightly-coloured Advent decoration or an original alternative to the classic Christmas tree, this branch hung with colourful Christmas baubles will always make a great eye-catcher. The kicker here: By removing their crowns, some of the baubles have been repurposed into tiny vases that beautifully display the cut poinsettias in various colour shades. Tip: Cut poinsettias will keep for up to two weeks in water if the flow of sap is stopped right after cutting the stems. Simply dip them in 60°C water for a few seconds, then immediately in cold water.

Presentation with power: In these brightly-coloured mini arrangements, holly and switch grass help put the cut poinsettias in the spotlight. The brightly-coloured floral foam cubes in the simple glass vase make this unusual deco idea perfect. Tip: For the greatest possible impact do up several of these and present them in a group.

If you want to make this colourful deco idea, you will need: a poinsettia plant, glass vase, switch grass (Panicum elegans ‘Frosted Explosion’), sprigs of holly and coloured floral foam cubes. And here’s how it’s done: Soak the floral foam cubes in water for about five minutes until they are fully saturated. Then fill 2/3 of the glass vase with the cubes and insert the switch grass, holly and a cut poinsettia. Done.

The showy bracts of the poinsettia have fantastic impact not only in floral arrangements, but also in winter bouquets. This colourful bouquet of poinsettias, delphiniums, carnations, mimosas and eucalyptus is perfectly in tune with the flowered wallpaper in the background.

Delicate poinsettia miniatures are especially well-suited for designing diversified Christmas decorations.

For this oversized X-MAS lettering, alternating poinsettia miniatures and green plants are arranged in letter-shaped plant trays. A stunning eye-catcher for the festive season!

Magic stars for the children's room

Colourful decorations with poinsettias add compelling magic to Christmas time and are a joy even to the smallest child. So why not add some of these beautiful stars to the playroom as well?

This pink marbled poinsettia in a lovingly adorned planter pot in shiny pale blue is an enchanting Advent decoration for every children’s room.

Tip: If you show them how, even the little ones can take charge of watering the plants. Make sure they don’t overwater or allow the poinsettia plant to dry out. Waterlogging must be avoided at all cost.

Dreamcatchers aren’t only popular among children. This beautiful example for Christmas time is sure to let only sweet dreams through: Feathers, assorted Christmas ornaments and cut poinsettias in water-filled tubes float at different heights on a simple steel ring. This reminds the little ones of the upcoming holiday every time they go to sleep or wake up.

A good match for the dreamcatcher is this decorative Advent calendar. Bicolour poinsettia miniatures lend it that special something and together with little presents and sweets make it easier to wait for Christmas Eve.

Lovely family moments amidst colourful stars

Homemade gingerbread houses and cookies and plenty of time for painting, arts & crafts and playing games are an integral part of the Christmas season and add very special magic to it. The poinsettia creates a colourful atmosphere for lovely family moments.

Waiting for Santa. As the light fades outside, a magnificent red poinsettia, festively decorated tree and comfy carpet create a cosy Christmas atmosphere in the toasty living room.

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