Tips for buying poinsettias

Has this ever happened to you?: You bought a pretty poinsettia , but after just a few days at home it deterioratedour poinsettia lost its leaves, despite you doing everything right in terms of care and placing your poinsettia in a warm, bright spot protected from drafts.

The good news right away: it’s (probably) not your fault if your plant lost its leaves at home.

Most likely, its fate was sealed before it moved in with you. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, we’ve put together the ultimate poinsettia buying tips for you. Follow these points for your next poinsettia purchase and your plants will have the best prospect of a a long and star-filled  life in future.

Look for strong, dense foliage!

Look closely at the poinsettia’s foliage:

  • Is it dense and a rich green?
  • Do both the green and the coloured leaves look strong and healthy?
  • Are they free from damage and not discoloured or deformed?
  • Does the poinsettia still have all its leaves? Great! This plant has passed the first quality test!

Look for poinsettia flowers in bud!

Take a look at the flowers of the poinsettia. (Note, these are not the coloured leaves  arranged in a star shape; those are bracts.) The flowers sit small and inconspicuous in the centre of the coloured bracts. On a fresh poinsettia, they are yellow-green and still in bud.

Do the water check: Not too dry and not too wet

Before buying, check the poinsettia was properly watered in-store. It shouldn’t be dried out or soggy. We don’t recommend you poke the soil with your finger in-store.

If everyone did that, it could harm the plant. It’s better to lift the pot up. If it’s noticeably light or heavy, beware! A poinsettia standing in water is also a no-go. If you’re unsure, choose a different one.

Poinsettias need a bright, warm location

Only buy poinsettias from a bright, warm place in the store, protected from drafts. Don’t buy plants displayed in a draughty entrance area or in temperatures below 15 °C  outside.

Cold and drafts permanently damage poinsettias and cause them to drop their leaves, often a few days later. A lack of light can have the same effect. That’s why poinsettias languishing in a dark corner of the store are not a good choice either.

Wrap your poinsettia up well for the journey home

Found the perfect plant? Great! To ensure your poinsettia arrives safely at your home, wrap it up well for the journey. Specialist stores should offer suitable packing materials such as paper or cardboard boxes.

Bring your poinsettia home as soon as possible, remove its packaging and place it in a suitable location. You can find out what this looks like in this blog “The ideal location for your poinsettia”.

With these tips you’re now well prepared to choose the perfect poinsettia 😊. We wish you much joy with your new roommate!

Happy poinsettia shopping!