Winter wonderlands with white poinsettias. Beautiful cream and white plants make perfect wintry decor.

Poinsettias bring winter rooms to life with their stunning, colourful bracts. While red varieties are most popular during the festive season – since red and green are known as classic Christmas colours – there are a wealth of different shades to style with instead, and not just for Christmas themes. Since they’re so evocative of snow, white and cream poinsettias create perfect winter scenes. With proper care, they can even stay fresh until spring. Here, decor experts from Stars for Europe showcase a range of enchanting ways to create winter wonderlands with poinsettias.

Snowy miniature scenes

A snowy landscape in Scandi style, this miniature scene will please children and adults alike. A feast for the eyes all winter long, it’s designed with artificial snow, delicate lantern cottages, poinsettias and amaryllis bulbs – set up on a white chest of drawers.

In the winter forest

Natural decor is on-trend. On a walk through the woods you can forage plenty of natural materials to bring that forest feeling into your home. Pictured left, conifer trees and ivy are used to create a charming indoor forest. A snow-white poinsettia and silver accessories add a wintry glow.

These two DIY ideas are styled in a country home, boasting an abundance of natural materials, evocative of snowy forests.

Left: It’s easy to create an enchanted winter wonderland with cream poinsettias, fir cones and decorative larch branches. Delicate paper snowflakes floating from above add lightness and charm.

Right: Poinsettias combine well with other indoor plants. This group creates a natural, cosy atmosphere with cream poinsettias, a Christmas rose, an Elephant Ear Kalanchoe and a Zig Zag plant. Copper Christmas tree decorations are strung from the ceiling to create a natural, wintry atmosphere.

Rich in contrast: green living in nature

When it’s freezing cold outside, candles spread a warm, cosy atmosphere inside the home. In this winter still life designed for green living, the soothing effect of candlelight is complemented by soft green tones. A crisp, cream poinsettia shines brighter than ever – in striking contrast.

DIY idea: poinsettias in Washi tape pots

Dass cremefarbene Weihnachtssterne auch Weihnachten eine wunderschöne Raumdekoration abgeben, zeigt die DIY-Topfreihe im angesagten Green Living-Stil, die sich im Handumdrehen selbst gestalten lässt. Man benötigt hierfür lediglich vier cremefarbene Weihnachtssterne, vier schlichte Übertöpfe sowie Washi bzw. Masking Tape in verschiedenen Farben und Mustern.

Showing their festive flair, cream poinsettias make delighful Christmas decorations, too – as shown by this cool craft idea with Washi tape, easy to make in no time.

All you need are four poinsettias, four pots and Washi tape or masking tape in different colours and patterns.

How it’s done: simply stick one of the four letters of “XMAS” onto each planter with Washi tape. Add a strip of extra tape around the bottom to round-off the design. Once all four planters have their letter, place poinsettias inside and line them up in a row. There are unlimited design possibilities thanks to the wide variety of poinsettia colours and shapes, as well as many different styles of adhesive tapes and planters available.

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