The prettiest centrepiece ideas with poinsettias. Things are getting festive.

Bonn, 16.12.2019. Meals taken together are very important at Christmas time. A festive table decoration with poinsettias provides the perfect setting. The following ideas are sure to have something for every taste.

Trend colour white

Who isn’t dreaming of a white Christmas? As the colour of snow, white is especially popular in winter. White or cream-coloured poinsettias can be used to create beautiful table decorations, as the following examples show:

When poinsettias play the leading role, an inviting table decoration can be made with little time and effort. As a festive centrepiece, pots of poinsettias in various shades of white and cream are simply lined up in the middle of the table in a wavy row and embellished with a few deco elements in copper and semi-transparent white.

Less is more. Rules that apply to life are also relevant when it comes to Christmas table decorations. The white and cream-coloured poinsettias look pretty in simple pots or wrapped in waxed paper. Just let the richly-coloured bracts speak for themselves!

Christmas minimalism

The best table decorations contribute to a pleasant get-together without grabbing all the attention. This DIY idea does just that, while uniting the most important Advent and Christmas symbols. If you want to make this festive eye-catcher yourself you will need: poinsettia miniatures, a rectangular wooden box, a wooden board, candle holder stakes, parchment paper, wired glass baubles and other accessories, potting soil and plastic foil if necessary. You will also need a hot glue gun with glue sticks, a power drill and a trowel.

And here’s how it’s done: First hot-glue the wooden board to the rectangular wooden box. Then drill four holes in the bottom for the candle stakes and insert them. Secure the candle stakes with some hot glue if necessary. In the next step, apply double-sided tape all around the outsides of the wooden box, peel off the backing and press ruffled parchment paper on the tape until the whole box is covered.

In a final step, fill the wooden box with potting soil, plant the poinsettias and adorn with glass balls as desired. Done!

Tip: If you like, the box can be lined with waterproof plastic foil before drilling the holes.

Telling stories

Many can relate to this: At Christmas you’re in the mood for childhood stories that evoke fond memories. So how about this original table decoration to evoke happy childhood memories and get the storytelling going? A wooden train set is retrieved from the attic and dusted off before being arranged on the table. Add to this all the things you need to create a winter forest atmosphere: woodland animal figurines and tiny fir trees with white tips.

Tiny candle sticks – also in the shape of trees – shine a comforting light in the “dark woods”. Bright-red poinsettias in various sizes set festive highlights on the table. Ready for Christmas!

Christmas wonderland

This delightful table decoration as if taken from a Christmas wonderland is guaranteed to surprise your guests! Place a “runner” of cut greens in the centre of the table and arrange candles and different-coloured potted poinsettia miniatures in a loose row along the top. Add baubles and other Christmas accessories. Tip: Intersperse with a few eucalyptus twigs. As a natural material, eucalyptus is very on trend and adds a special touch to any decoration.

Poinsettia miniatures light up every festively set table. This year, style-conscious hostesses are combining pink variants with hot pink and white plants for maximum impact. Christmas ornaments in pastel and metallic shades match nicely.

For the more advanced

Those who are more experienced in making Christmas decorations will be inspired by this idea. A big larch branch hangs over the table. It’s decorated for Christmas. Adorning the table are poinsettias in pots of different sizes and as cut flowers in water tubes displayed on the plates.

Tip: Tone-in-tone they’re guaranteed to turn heads! Poinsettias make great table decorations, whether as cut flowers in water tubes displayed on the plates or as potted plants. Water tubes serve as vases for cut poinsettia stems, tucked into cloth napkins.

Tip: Soft hues of apricot and salmon are paired with vivid violet for an elegant look that is unparalleled by any other colour combination.

Cosy & homey feeling

A feeling of contemporary cosiness is created when the materials and colours complement one another to make everyone feel right at home.

Wood and glazed ceramics, shiny gold cutlery, pine cones and twigs set the scene on this Christmas dining table, which is turned into an eye-catcher by poinsettias in different shades of cream and white.

A special detail: Every place setting has its own poinsettia miniature.

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