The diversity of poinsettias

The popular houseplant scores with a variety of colours, sizes and growth forms.

In the last two months of the year, they’re everywhere you look: poinsettias. The star among winter bloomers is so diverse that you can find a variety to match any interior style or personal taste. You will encounter poinsettias most often in classic red and in pots from 11 to 13 cm in diameter. But you will also see it as a delicate miniature, hardy bush or impressive topiary.

The beautiful star also scores big points in variety when it comes to the colour of its bracts. The current colour palette ranges from various tones of red to white, cream, pink and magenta all the way to apricot, salmon and lemon. Additionally, there is a wide selection of bicolour varieties with interesting variegated, marbled or mottled bracts.

And these come in various shapes as well: smooth, crinkled or slightly rounded, or even pointed or jagged. The first potted varieties that were able to adapt to the special climate of heated rooms entered homes in the 1950s.

Over 150 different poinsettia varieties are currently available, with new ones being added every year. Apart from the name, modern cultivated breeds don’t have much in common with the wild plant growing in Central America to heights of up to five metres.

Tip: Those who want to fill their homes with the entire abundance of poinsettia diversity shouldn’t wait too long. The largest selection of varieties is usually available at the beginning of the season in early November. As soon as the Advent season has begun, many of the special colours and growth shapes will even be hard to find at well-stocked garden centres.

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