Ready for Christmas. Advent wreath designs from the world of stars.

Traditions and rituals, memories and wishes: Advent is a magical time of year. Nothing represents the reflective mood of the Christmas season like the soft shimmer of candles on an Advent wreath. And the main component doesn’t always have to be evergreens. The creative Advent wreath designs with poinsettias presented here show the Advent decoration from a different side, at the same time bringing generations together with their mix of familiar and innovative elements.

Mantle of knotweed

This classic Christmas-red Advent wreath is not based on the typical fir sprigs, but rather dried knotweed stalks. They are first cut to different lengths, then arranged in two harmonious circles and hot-glued together before being positioned on a red metal plate. Cut poinsettias are placed in the hollow stems between the tall red pillar candles, which are a traditional element in this design, next to the wreath shape and colours. Test tubes provide the water supply. Add small baubles, deco berries and a few pine twigs as the final touches.

Floating star wreath

A floating Advent wreath is a space-saving alternative to the classic table wreath and leaves room for other decorations. This hanging variety is also perfect for households with small children, as their little hands can’t reach the candles.

With a hanging wreath made of steel, you can create this decoration yourself with the flick of a wrist. To make it, plant pink poinsettia miniatures, ivy and maidenhair in an alternating arrangement, then insert long taper candles in their designated holders. Hang it up. Done!

Planting is much easier if the wreath is elevated, for example if it is placed on a large pot. Tip: Silver taper candles are on-trend and look elegant at the same time.

Wired for flowers

Not in the mood for cookie-cutter designs? Then this could be the wreath for you. The next Advent wreath design is made of bent aluminium wire with numerous clothespins attached.

This base is positioned on a deco plate, with water tubes inserted for holding cut poinsettias. The gaps give the wreath the desired transparent look.

To create a harmonious overall appearance, the spaces should be about as large as the diameter of the coloured poinsettia bracts. Adding four candles in the centre of the plate will turn this basic decoration into an Advent wreath.

If you like, you can also add a few cones. The really great thing about this idea: Even the smallest children can help, for example when it’s time to clip the wooden clothespins to the aluminium wire.

Step by step - 3 x 3

This design based on Christmas ornaments can be done up with a flick of the wrist. It is decorated with an extravagant mix of cut poinsettias and an exotic eucalyptus branch. All you need are poinsettias in pink and magenta, four twisted taper candles in dusty rose, a square tray, nine glass balls in matching hues, a long eucalyptus branch, sharp knife, hot glue gun and glue sticks. A lab bottle would also be practical here.

Step 1: Carefully remove the ornament caps from the Christmas tree balls. Next, hot glue the balls to the tray in 3 rows of 3, making sure the open ends are facing straight up.

Step 2: The glass balls, which are to serve as vases, are now filled with water. The easiest way to do this is with a lab bottle. Now cut the poinsettia flowers.

Step 3: Insert the candles in the balls and finish off the arrangement with the eucalyptus branch. Done!

Proper cutting technique

To keep cut poinsettias fresh for as long as possible, the flow of milky sap must be stopped immediately after cutting the stems. To do this, cut the stems at an angle and hold them in 60°C water for approx. 5 seconds, then dip them in cold water. When prepared in this way, the colourful bracts will stay dazzlingly beautiful for up to two weeks. By the way: Contrary to what is often claimed, the milky sap of our local poinsettias is safe for humans.

Sea of star flowers

Pretty Advent wreaths with unique character can also be conjured up using potted poinsettias. Such wreaths appear particularly lush, thanks to the abundance of blossoms.

White Christmas

No snow yet in sight? Then bring the dream of a white Christmas indoors with this design. It only takes a bit of dexterity to make it yourself at home. Despite its lightweight appearance it has stunning impact and is intentionally imperfect. The candles are affixed to a hand-woven wreath of hazel and alder branches. All you need to make it are Princettia poinsettias, a wire ring, raffia bast, hazel and alder twigs, jute string, secateurs, scissors, a heavy deco pot, floral foam, a bread knife, forked branch, hot glue gun and sticks, thick yarn, freezer bags, candle holder clips and candles, ornaments such as clear glass balls or stars.

Step 1: First wrap bast around the wire ring. Wind hazel and alder twigs around this base and secure with jute string. The finished wreath should be transparent, with a slim and irregular silhouette.

Step 2: Wedge a block of dry floral foam inside a heavy container, for example a stoneware pot. If you like, the foam can be additionally hot glued to the bottom of the pot. Anchor the branch in the centre of the foam with the fork pointing upwards and secure with hot glue. If necessary, a hole can be drilled in the foam with a sharp object. To hang the wreath, tie two overcrossing lengths of wool yarn to the wreath.

Step 3: Wrap the Princettia pots in freezer bags and arrange as many as possible in the pot, until the foam is concealed.

Step 4: Hang the wreath on the forked branch by the wool strings and clip on the candle holders. Adjust the wreath horizontally to the desired height.

The length and direction of the hanging wreath can be controlled by the knots. Finally, adorn the arrangement with just a few clear glass baubles and stars. Your extraordinary Advent wreath is done!

Cones with a twist

This Advent wreath is the perfect combination of rustic country style and romantic moments. The best part: You can make this countrified Christmas decoration with scented fir cones surrounding a dark red poinsettia in no time. The materials are traditional through and through, yet appear anything but old-fashioned in this arrangement. All you need are a poinsettia, a straw ring, dark-coloured organza ribbon, plastic plate, dried moss, cones, spruce greens, candle holders and candles, ornaments such as baubles, sprigs of holly, a tray, hot glue gun and glue sticks, ivy pins, stub wire, scissors, secateurs, pliers and wire cutters.

Step 1: First wrap dark-coloured ribbon around the straw ring. Next, hot glue the wreath to a plastic plate with the same diameter. The best way to do this is to apply the glue to the rim of the plate and then set the wreath on top. But you have to work fast – hot glue dries in seconds!

Step 2: Next, cover the outside of the wreath with moss, securing with ivy pins or other clips from the DIY store. Wire the cones together in a dense row with blue annealed wire and attach them around the outside of the wreath.

Step 3: Now it’s time to decorate the top of the wreath with pine branches and Thuja foliage. Use the same pins or staples as for the moss. The tips of the branches can be allowed to form a fringe over the tops of the cones.

Step 4: Now the candle holders can be added. Shiny silver metal taper candle holders are best for achieving the desired rustic-romantic look. Place them at equal intervals on the top of the wreath.

Step 5: Now set a luminous red poinsettia in the centre of the wreath. Thanks to the tray, it isn’t necessary to first wrap the pot in plastic. Decorate the wreath with holly sprigs, wired baubles and ornaments made of wooden beads. Display the finished arrangement on a decorative tray, insert candles in the holder and you’re ready for Advent.

Christmas classic meets opulence

Those who love grand ornaments or like going a bit overboard with their Christmas decorations will love this Advent wreath for their homes. It combines elements of long-forgotten times with contemporary design standards. The leading role: radiant red poinsettia miniatures.

They are planted in a decorative bowl, lavishly adorned with crab apples, juniper berries, eucalyptus and holly, with finishing touches of coloured baubles and stars. Floral foam hot-glued in place provides support for the candles. They should be selected in a shade that is darker than the poinsettias. We have chosen pomegranate red for our combination, to create an opulent fairy-tale Christmas countdown.

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