Oh poinsettia, poinsettia, how colourful are your leaves. New Christmas tree ideas with poinsettias.

It’s been tradition to bring a decorated tree into the home at Christmas since the 14th century. Poinsettias, on the other hand, only entered living rooms from the 1950s. Today, many people believe this beautiful winter plant is just as essential as a bedecked Christmas tree. So why not combine the two? From the decor experts at Stars for Europe, here’s a range of new ideas to create Christmas trees using poinsettias.

Alternative poinsettia Christmas trees for craft lovers

The first two ideas are designed for lovers of homemade decorations, who’ll be happy to go without a traditional tree. Their big advantages are: they‘re reusable, guaranteed needle-free, inexpensive and refreshingly unconventional.

The homemade tree pictured left, created with mini poinsettias, can easily transform even the smallest of apartments as it takes up very little space. To create this natural piece, you will need: a cordless screwdriver and screws, a large wooden board, two longer and two shorter branches, jute string, small clay pots, bind wire twine and mini poinsettias, as well as pine cones, decorative stars and dried plant material such as clematis tendrils.

How it’s done: First, cut the branches to the right length, arrange them in the shape of a tree and screw together. Wrap string around the screws to cover them up. Add another screw in the wooden board and hang the tree from it

Next, tightly stretch the string from one branch to another at different horizontal points across the branches. Then fasten clay pots to the string using bind wire twine. Tie the string around the pots, and release and twist each end on either side to secure. Finally, place poinsettias in the clay pots and add other decorative elements such as cones, stars and dried plant materials such as clematis tendrils to the string. Done!

The next homemade alternative to the classic Christmas tree is original and guaranteed to be needle-free. Paint a green tree shape on a pallet, and hang gifts, baubles and stars from small nails.

At the top sits a large star and at the base, tubs are planted with white poinsettias to complete the floral display.

This idea can also be used as an Advent calendar, just number 24 small packages and attach them to the tree.

Tip: Place a vase of fresh fir branches in the room, to add that classic Christmas scent!

For nature lovers: fir scents and poinsettia magic

If you like a traditional Christmas, combine a classic tree with poinsettias to enjoy that festive scent of fir combined with magical pops of poinsettia colour.

Don’t just settle for one tree: let winter woodland into your home with this idea, pictured left.

You can bring the outside in with a selection of small conifer trees placed in front of forest wallpaper.

Snow-like poinsettias in rattan baskets will bring winter wonderland to life, while metallic silver baubles, pine cones and lovingly wrapped gifts signal Christmas is coming.

Right: A natural, boho Christmas. Warm apricot poinsettias sit perfectly among bamboo, rattan and wicker furniture, creating a cosy atmosphere. A pared-down tree is decorated with poinsettias in delicate glass holders and just a few baubles

For free spirits: a treeless Christmas

You can make a decor statement without using a real tree or even a tree substitute. Make an inventive design with a wooden sledge decked with greenery, berries, candles and poinsettias to create a wonderfully festive atmosphere. Try it yourself!

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