Not only at Christmas time. Autumn magic with poinsettias

With its star-shaped, luminously-red bracts the classic poinsettia is an ideal room decoration in the Advent and Christmas season. But what some people don’t know: With this beautiful winter bloomer you can also make fantastic autumn decorations. In salmon, yellow, cinnamon, rosé, white or apricot poinsettias transform rooms into feel-good oases of relaxation where the autumn blues don’t stand a chance.

These “autumn stars” have inspired such expressive names as “Autumn Leaves”, “Cinnamon Star”, “Lemon Snow” or “Wintersun”. Their bracts ignite absolute fireworks of colour and are reminiscent of leaves ablaze in autumn forests.

Even when it’s not Christmas time the non-red varieties present themselves as diversified and decorative houseplants. They fit in well with any living style and provide a cosy feel-good atmosphere on cold, grey autumn days.

Once the weeks of Advent begin, these colourful stars simply integrate themselves in the Christmas decorations.

Because even though red and green will always be the classic colours of Christmas, other combinations have meanwhile become nearly as popular. Whether Nordic-cool in blue, silver and white, opulent in purple, red and gold, romantic in delicate pastel shades or modern in petrol, copper and black, today the colour combinations at Christmas time know no limits.

And thanks to its incredible diversity and versatility the poinsettia makes a perfect companion in any colour world.

Even though they’re so pretty and versatile, poinsettias in unusual colours are still not in great demand. Red poinsettias are by far the best-selling of all, followed by white and cream-coloured varieties, then bicoloured and speckled cultivars as well as poinsettias in the pink range. Such hues as salmon, cinnamon and yellow, on the other hand, still don’t play a significant role.

Anyone with a penchant for poinsettias in autumn shades shouldn’t wait too long, as these special colours are usually only available right at the start of the season and then almost exclusively in garden centres and nurseries. Poinsettias from the Princettia family are available a bit sooner, often as early as September.

By the way, in terms of plant care, there isn’t much difference between special varieties of poinsettias and the classic red ones.

They all flourish well in a bright, warm spot at temperatures between 15 and 22°C and with regular, moderate watering with room-temperature water. They are all sensitive to cold and draughts.

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