Hanging out at Christmas. Beautiful poinsettia ideas for suspended DIY decorations.

Take Christmas to a third dimension with hanging decorations, whether from the ceiling, the wall or a door. Here you’ll find more than a dozen magical ideas to recreate at home, courtesy of decor experts at Stars for Europe.

From the ceiling

Wreaths are everywhere in the Christmas season. It’s easy to make a beautiful, festive display using poinsettias. For this hanging wreath, you will need two metal hoop candleholders, a poinsettia, spruce and pine twigs, a test tube with holes, bind wire tiwne, wire, a candle, pine cones and decorations (e.g. Christmas baubles). For tools, you’ll need a pair of garden scissors, a drill and wire.

Step 1: Connect the two hoops at the top and insert some spacers (e.g. sticks) at the sides. Glue dried spruce twigs along the bottom section.

Tips of the trade: use wire and a drill for a bombproof fix.

Step 2: With wire, fasten other accessories to the base frame such as pine branches, Christmas baubles and pine cones. Loop bind wire twine through the holes in the test tubes to fix them to a stick.

Step 3: Pour water into the test tubes, cut off poinsettia stems and place in the tubes. Finally, put the candle in the holder and hang up the wreath. Tip: to stop the flow of sap, first immerse the poinsettia stem in 60°C hot water for a few seconds after cutting and then in cold water.

All lined up

First we strung Christmas cards across the room as a way to display them. Now, we’re using this idea as a way to display decorations, too. Cut poinsettias can be hung between between glass and metal pendants, placed in test tubes filled with water. These stylish salmon and apricot coloured bracts coordinate well with home interiors in coral, powder pink and pearl white.

Hanging cone planter

Capture the Christmas spirit: a poinsettia sets the tone amidst shiny baubles at Christmas. For a contrast in shape, place the plants in store-bought plastic or ceramic conical planters ready to hang.

Nordic minimalism

Aper Christmas decorations are a major new trend, especially in neutral and earthy colours. Small poinsettias in zinc pots glow beautifully with this simple style.

Suspended shelf

Poinsettias shine like a Christmas beacon in a winter window. On a rustic wooden tray in worn clay pots with cones, twigs and a red star, these poinsettias steal the show – while natural materials set the scene in shabby chic.

Poinsettias, twigs, cones, felt balls

Blur the lines between outside and in with your winter garden or conservatory. This unusual decorative idea uses a large pine branch for a base. It’s decorated with miniature poinsettias and pine cones. With a little practise you can make the macramé hangers that hold the small metal pots. There are also pine cones decorated with small felt balls.

You will need small poinsettias, zinc pots, pine cones, wool thread, felt balls and glue.

Step 1: Glue felt balls between the pine cone scales. Tip: To create a harmonious colour scheme use poinsettias and felt balls in the same colour tones.

Step 2: To hang up, glue wool to the bottom of the cone and cover the glued area with a felt ball.

Step 3: It’s easy to make the wool macrame hangers for the poinsettia pots; it just takes a little practice.

Mittens for the heart

This homemade idea gives a warm welcome to everyone who enters the house. Knitted gloves are used as planters with stuck on hearts, ribbon and tassels. Poinsettia plants need to be put in plastic bags before you place them into the mittens. You can accessorise by arranging larch twigs over the coat hooks.

How to make the hallway shine

Get that cosy country Christmas feel by hanging a variety of different decorations from a coat rack with pretty porcelain hangers. White poinsettias shine in between dried flower bunches, decorations and fairy lights.

Nostalgic memories

Upcycle old ice skates and bring back nostalgic memories. Even if they’re no longer needed, they’re too good to throw away, so turn them into festive decoration. Plant with poinsettias, pine and holly, and decorate with cones. Your skates will be a seasonal highlight.

A decorative gold ring for minimalists

Cut a flap of imitation leather and tie it around the ring. Close it using an eyelet and pull the leather strap through the hole to hang it up. Attach a dried maple leaf with string, and draw the leaf veins with white ink for a decorative effect. At the bottom of the ring, attach a test tube as a vase for a cut poinsettia and add a larch twig to finish off.

The secret to happy holidays

Christmas Blush is the latest trending colour scheme that promises pure romance; every room aglow with poinsettias in shades of apricot, soft pink or salmon. Take it to your walls by sewing a stocking with fabric, hang it up and decorate it with a poinsettia. Be sure to put the plant in a plastic bag before placing in the stocking. Decorate with larch twigs to finish it off.

Revamped in no time

Upcycle an old window frame. Screw in two hooks and thread through string to hang it up, then bind juniper sprigs to cover the string. Place your favourite Christmas decorations in each window, and reserve one window for a small glass vase with a cut poinsettia. Tip: Screw hooks are easy to find in DIY stores. To avoid damaging the frame, it’s best to pre-drill the holes.

Upcycling tin cans

Create a display using wooden boards and old cans to take poinsettias from the table to the wall. Drill diagonal holes in the top corners of the boards to pull a cord through for hanging. Paint old cans with white spray paint and allow to dry. Then apply spray glue to the lower part of the cans and stick on copper or gold leaf. Screw the cans to the board, add poinsettias and hang them up.

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