Christmastime: Childhood dreams come true! Magical moments with the poinsettia

The weeks of Advent and Christmas are a very special time. It’s a time for wishes, for rituals and symbols, when friends and family meet up to celebrate together. Children especially love the traditions and symbolism of Christmas. Visions of decorated Christmas trees, a lovingly handmade Advent calendar and the soft glow of candles, alongside handcrafting ornaments and presents, baking, decorating and dining in the circle of family and friends are the stuff of fond childhood memories – for people of all ages. One main symbol of Christmas is the poinsettia.

Ever since the 1950s the plant with the brightly-coloured star-shaped bracts has accompanied families around the world through the days of Christmas. Children love the radiantly beautiful harbingers of the coming festivities, which stand for everything that makes Advent and Christmas so alluring.

Thanks to the wide range of shapes and sizes and the many ways they can be used for festive decorations, poinsettias not only unite generations and nations. Because they are also excellently suited for combining with other symbols of Christmas, such as the Christmas tree, the Advent calendar and wreath, they become the leitmotif for the festive season.

Family in the midst of stars

Children especially enjoy happy moments with loved ones at Christmas time. Always in the middle of things: the poinsettia. Why is that so?

Quite simple: With its star-shaped bracts and the red and green colour scheme, this beautiful star is in perfect harmony with traditional Christmas symbolism and creates a festive atmosphere in a wink.

For many families Christmas is a time for baking. How about some delicious cookies in the shape of poinsettias for a change? Having some magnificent poinsettia plants in the room will be inspiration enough for this idea.
It’s time for Christmas when dad has time for the kids.

On Papa’s knee the children reach for the stars – both literally and figuratively speaking. The perfect present from father and daughter: an opulent poinsettia for Mama.

Many families adorn their homes in a festive fashion with homemade decorations for the Christmas season. Especially children love this tradition. Poinsettias are perfect for creating arrangements with Christmas flair, as this magnificent wreath made of fir sprigs and cut poinsettias demonstrates.

Pure anticipation: Advent calendar and Advent wreaths

Absolute must-haves at Christmas are the Advent calendar and the Advent wreath. Especially children love these traditional Christmas elements, which lend decorative touches to the celebrations. And poinsettias open up numerous possibilities for alternative designs for these popular Advent classics and make them even more unforgettable.

Waiting for Christmas: Here a simple coat rack on the wall is repurposed into an unusual Advent calendar. Instead of the traditional present every day for a month, there is just one every week. Which is more than compensated for by the size. Cut poinsettias set striking colour accents and create a Christmas atmosphere.

Tip: Carefully tie the bow around the stem of the cut poinsettia and then trim the tip so that it is no longer visible.

This alternative Advent wreath made of aluminium wire, wooden clothespins and cream-coloured cut poinsettias is an ideal arts & crafts project for the whole family, since even the smallest children can help, for example when it’s time to clip the wooden clothespins to the wires.

Christmas Eve: the highlight of a starry season

For most children opening the presents on Christmas Eve is the absolute highlight of the Christmas season. And on this very special day, of course the poinsettia is indispensable.

Christmas without a Christmas tree? Hard to imagine for most people. With golden stars, baubles and pine cones, as well as cut poinsettias, this classic fir tree puts on a brilliant show. Tip: To keep the living Christmas ornaments fresh for as long as possible, immediately after cutting the poinsettia stems hold the cut ends in 60°C water for a few seconds, then dip in cold water.

Merry Christmas! The presents stacked in front of the crackling fireplace are just waiting to be unwrapped. Red poinsettias on the Christmas tree and in a decorative old steamer trunk add the right festive ambience. Could a Christmas Eve setting be any more inviting?

A floating Christmas tree is not only an original eye-catcher, it also leaves more room for the presents. If the tree is to be hung on the wall, simply remove the branches from the back.

Not only the house gets decorated for Christmas. In many families it’s also custom to dress up for the festivities. This little girl has put on her best dress for the occasion and as a special highlight she has a cut poinsettia in her hair. Of course her teddy has to be presented with the same Christmas headdress. Tip: To protect the girl’s hair, wrap the stem of the poinsettia in green tape.

Christmas just like in Grandmother's day

Ever since the 1950s poinsettias have been a permanent fixture of the Christmas decorations in homes everywhere. So they are also a part of the childhood memories of many a grandma today.

Now, throughout the winter months the various sizes and growth forms make the poinsettia a versatile room decoration with which a festive atmosphere can be created in no time. In the mid-20th century there were significantly fewer varieties on the market, but the Christmas impact of these brightly-coloured bracts has always been the same.

To this day the Advent calendar and the poinsettia, not to mention home-baked cookies, are still essential components of every Christmas celebration.

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