Junge Frau mit dunklen Haaren schenkt junger Frau mit hellen Haaren einen großen Weihnachtsstern

10 reasons why poinsettias make Advent more beautiful

Let your creative side shine! The experts at Stars for Europe show you how to be creative with poinsettias.

1. Poinsettias bring colour(s) into your home!

The classic poinsettia is a deep red. But poinsettias are available in other colours too. Above all, delicate blush tones look great in the home. If red or pink are not your cup of tea, let yourself be inspired by white, cream, yellow, salmon or apricot-coloured poinsettias. Some varieties even come with bicoloured, speckled or variegated bracts.

Weihnachtssterne mit rosa-cremefarben panaschierten Blätter auf einem runden, groben Holztisch in einem Wohnzimmer im Shabby Chic

2. Poinsettias are a nostalgic balm for the soul!

Memories make us happy. Researchers say that when we think of beautiful moments spent with loved ones, our inner strength grows.

Triggers for nostalgic feelings can be smells, music or things we associate with these moments. Did your grandmother have a magnificent poinsettia on her windowsill?

Then she probably knew these five habits that make a poinsettia shine for weeks.

Kind malt Wunschzettel, auf dem Tisch stehen Weihnachtssterne, Mandarinen, Kekse, Kakao und Geschenkpapier; nostalgischer Look

3. Everyone is happy to receive a poinsettia as a gift!

Who hasn’t seen all the bits and pieces that change hands in the run-up to Christmas – and quickly disappear like a flash into a drawer. This isn’t the case with the poinsettia. Beautifully decorated, it adorns the table, the sideboard, the home office or the windowsill for weeks.

It is certainly an alternative to chocolates or biscuits. This makes it the ideal festive gift for anyone who would rather put a smile on their friends’ faces than extra pounds on their hips.

Looking for more gift ideas for Advent and Christmas? Here are some you can make yourself.

Junge Frau mit dunklen Haaren schenkt junger Frau mit hellen Haaren einen großen Weihnachtsstern

4. Poinsettias are versatile and bring out your creative side!

You can style poinsettias in a traditional or modern style. Baroque pomp with gold and glitter suits them just as well as a Nordic, minimalist style with lots of nature.

On their own in a pot, in groups, decorated for your Advent wreath: all it takes is a pinch of your creativity and they transform entire rooms into a Christmas dream come true. Even floating room decorations and wall wreaths are possible!

If you use poinsettias as cut flowers, a whole new world of decoration opens up. Get inspired here >>

Rotes Tablett mit weißen Weihnachtssternen, Moos, Zapfen, Kunstschnee, Hirschfigur und Kerze auf einem Küchentisch mit gepunkteter Tischdecke; skandinavischer Stil

5. Advent wreaths start to bloom

Twinkling lights and starry poinsettia magic are the perfect match. Your Advent wreath could do without fir greenery this year if you put cut poinsettias, roses, hydrangeas and berry branches in a watered plug-in foam wreath.

If you have other favourite flowers, incorporate them too! If your decorating skills are limited, arrange colourful mini poinsettias on a tray and place four candles between them.

If you like spectacular Advent wreaths, take a look at this page >>.

Adventskranz mit geschnittenen, rosafarbenen Weihnachtssternen, Rosen, Hortensien, Beeren und dunkelvioletten Kerzen

6. The advent calendar looks much more decorative immediately

In December, Christmas gets one gift closer every day. Anyone who has ever designed an Advent calendar for their loved ones knows how tedious the search for the little things to fill it with can be.

Once you have them all, the question is how to present them. In socks, boxes, jars, on a line or in a box – there are so many options. The creative experts at Stars for Europe have come up with a few special floral variations. You can find them here >>

Selbst gemachter Adventskalender aus einer Palette, auf den ein Weihnachtsbaum aufgemalt ist, dekoriert mit einem Balkonkasten, in den cremefarbene Weihnachtssterne gepflanzt sind

7. Ornaments made from fresh flowers will make your Christmas tree look beautiful!

Fresh blossoms on the Christmas tree. It feels like pure luxury and is perfect for those who love flowers. Either cut the poinsettias and put them on the tree (you can find out how to handle the cut stems here), or put mini poinsettias in containers and hang them on the branches. Others might like to make a wooden Christmas tree and decorate it with lots of poinsettias.

Roséfarbene Mini-Weihnachtssterne mit olivfarbenen Übertöpfen in geflochtenen Aufhängungen an Kiefernzweigen neben mit bunten Filzkugeln dekorierten Kiefernzapfen

Get inspired by the ideas of the creative experts from Stars for Europe >>.

8. The table decoration for the Advent coffee break is ready in no time with poinsettias!

A tray, a few poinsettias, a bit of fir greenery, plus cones, moss and candles. Or poinsettias and a few spare coffee cups. That’s all you need for a table decoration that shouts “Christmas is almost here!”

Things get a fairytale twist when combined with vintage crystal.

Schmales, weißes Holztablett auf einem unbehandelten Holztisch mit drei alten Kaffeetassen, die mit roten und weißen Mini-Weihnachtssternen bepflanzt sind, dekoriert mit Zieräpfeln und Papieranhängern; skandinavischer Stil

Snow spray adds elegant for a classic look, and nuts and red berries are not to be missed.
And the best thing is that you can save yourself the ironing, because with such an eye-catching table decoration, no one will be interested in the table linen any more! Ideas for beautiful table decorations in pastel shades can be found here >>.

9. Advent pictures for WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook always look good with poinsettias!

A picture that everyone will envy needs to be eye-catching. What better way than with a poinsettia?

Simple photos with little fuss work particularly well on social media. If you photograph the poinsettia from unusual perspectives, you are sure to attract the interest of your followers. In the end, reason #2 in this list plays into your hands as poinsettias create a feeling of nostalgia.

You don’t have to wait for inspiration to come to you. Our image database will give you endless ideas >>

Großer panaschierter, blush-farbener Weihnachtsstern mit einem Kranz aus Zweigen; im Anschnitt fotografiert, Hintergrund apricotfarben

10. Winter weddings have special additions. Poinsettias, for example!

Most couples in this country get married between May and September. But a wedding in winter does have its charm. Flower displays made of poinsettias are not seen at any other time of year. Imagine a huge bridal bouquet decorated with pine branches, feathers, sequins and cut poinsettias. Or a romantic round poinsettia bouquet tied with a cuff of bleached skeleton leaves. Stunning!

Coordinating church and table decorations with the bridal bouquet is no problem for a good florist. There is only one thing they have to watch out for: that the flowers don’t steal the bride’s thunder.

To give you a better idea of what we mean, we have put some ideas into practice here >>.

Braut im Satinkleid mit Perlenkette hält runden Brautstrauß mit rosafarbenen geschnittenen Weihnachtssternen, Schleierkraut, Ranken und weißen Skelettblättern

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