Winterlicher Blumenstrauß mit cremefarbenen Schnittweihnachtssternen und Trockenblumen auf einem hellblauen Sofa

Live Your Decorative Dreams Using Poinsettias as Cut Flowers

No, we're not crazy to recommend the poinsettia as a cut flower! Using it as a cut flower brings new options for your creativity - and even a bit of glamour.

Feel like you're in Hollywood!

What many people don’t know: Before the poinsettia made a career as a pot plant, it was popular as a cut flower. The emigrant Paul Ecke sold freshly cut branches of wild poinsettias at Christmas time on Sunset and Hollywood Boulevard. As bouquets, in arrangements and as wall wreaths – people loved it!

So if you’re Hollywood-ready, always have time for a passionate kiss even in the most precarious situations, and love dancing in the street at night in the rain, you’ll be in your element with the cut poinsettia.

Tischdekoration mit blushfarbenen Schnittweihnachtssternen und Eukalyptuszweigen im Green Living Trend

With cut poinsettias you can create ideas that don't work with pot plants.

Poinsettias as ornaments on the Christmas tree, as a beautiful gift decoration, as the basis of an opulent bouquet for the winter bride: with cut poinsettias you can live out your decorative dreams without limits.

The stems draw water from flower tubes, test tubes, Christmas tree baubles turned into vases or fresh flower foam. This makes cut poinsettias as versatile as roses, carnations and baby’s breath.

Goldener Ring, der mit Lederband an einer rustikalen Tür aufgehängt und mit einem apricotfarbenen Schnittweihnachtsstern im Reagenzglas, einem bemalten Ahornblatt und Lärchenzapfen dekoriert ist

Poinsettias last up to two weeks in a vase

Speaking of roses, carnations and baby’s breath, poinsettias last just as long as these all-time favourites. They also stay beautiful in a vase for up to two weeks.

Brünette Winterbraut im Spitzenkleid mit Haarschmuck aus geschnittenen Weihnachtssternen

How to get your cut poinsettia

Because it is still rare to buy cut poinsettias, it is best to cut them yourself. Simply cut off the shoots of whole plants and remove the lower leaves. You can stop the flow of milky sap by immersing the stems first in hot water at 60 degrees for a few seconds and then immediately in cold water. Prepare the stems in this way and then continue with your arrangement.

PS: The fact that we are talking about cut flowers here is botanically not quite correct. The coloured parts of the poinsettia are the coloured bracts. The flowers are the small yellow balls in the middle of the bracts. They are also found on the cut poinsettia, which is why we can call them cut flowers.

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Roter Schnitt-Weihnachtsstern in einer Glasvase, mit einer Schleife an den Weihnachtsbaum gebunden