Adventskranz im Landhausstil aus Zapfen, Weihnachtssternen, roten Beeren und weißen Kerzen auf einem grauen Tisch mit weißer Leinentischdecke

Six special DIY Advent wreath ideas with poinsettias

Check out our DIY ideas to find inspiration for homemade Advent wreaths from classic to modern. All ideas come with instructions that make it easy for you to follow, so that your homemade Advent wreath with poinsettias will end up looking like one from the florist :-)

Adventskranz im Landhausstil aus Zapfen, Weihnachtssternen, roten Beeren und weißen Kerzen auf einem grauen Tisch mit weißer Leinentischdecke

Idea 1: Advent wreath with cones and poinsettia

This Advent wreath, with pine cones wrapped around red poinsettias, has a great combination of rustic and romantic elements.

The video shows you step by step how to make the wreath. Learn how to professionally attach the cones with wires, and how other decorations can be attached to the wreath. Ready to try it? Let’s get started!

Idea 2: Perfectly imperfect

A handmade Advent wreath hangs from a branch above a poinsettia arrangement. It looks stunning and is easy to recreate.

Tip: This decoration works well in white and in red, pink or rose. You decide!

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: First wrap a wire ring with raffia. Then tie hazel and alder twigs to this base. The wreath should be transparent, remain narrow and look imperfect.

Step 2: To fix the branch that supports the wreath, you need a block of dry foam. Clamp it into a heavy pot. Place the branch in the middle, with the fork facing upwards. To be on the safe side, you can fix the block to the bottom of the pot and the branch to the foam.

Step 3: Now place Princettia poinsettias in freezer bags and fill the pot with plants until they cover the foam.

Mit weißen Princettia-Weihnachtssternen bepflanztes Gefäß in Beton-Optik auf einem weißen Holztisch. Ein aus Erlen- und Haselzweigen gewundener Kranz schwebt an einem Birkenast darüber. Kerzen, Accessoires. Skandinavischer Stil

Step 4: To hang the wreath, knot two woollen strings crosswise and hang it on the branch fork. Then clip on the tree candle holders. To get the wreath horizontal, adjust the length of the strings with knots. Add a few discreet accessories such as baubles and star ornaments. Job done!

How-to-do: Zweige von Erle und Haselnuss mit Juteschnur an einen Drahtring binden
How-to-do: einen Block Trocken-Steckschaum im Gefäß festklemmen; einen Ast hineinstecken und mit Heißkleber sichern
How-to-do: weiße Princettia-Weihnachtssterne in das Gefäß stellen. Kulturtopf ist in Gefrierbeutel eingepackt
How-to do: silberfarbenen Baumkerzenhalter mit weißen Kerzen an einem Ring aus Erlen- und Haselzweigen festklemmen

Idea 3: Poinsettia Advent wreath with cake tin

Got an old springform cake tin in the kitchen cupboard? Don’t throw it away; upcycling gives classic Christmas decorations a modern twist! Use colour spray to change the colour in no time. Then place candle holders and mini poinsettias in the tin, and cover the gaps with moss. All that’s missing is a few pine cones and ribbons. You can bet that the old cake tin will be unrecognisable.

In less than three minutes, this video will tell you everything you need to know to make this Advent wreath DIY project.

Idea 4: Full splendour with cut poinsettias

If you can manage to stick flower stems into cut foam, you’re also capable of recreating this Advent wreath. It takes pomp and luxury to the extreme with cut poinsettias.

Here’s how to do it:

The first step is to water a foam ring. Place it on the surface and let it sink by itself. Don’t push it into the water, because then it won’t fill up properly. In the meantime, fill a glass goblet with baubles. Then push candle holders into the soaked foam. Place the drained ring on the rim of the goblet. Once it is in place, put candles in the candle holders.

Cover the foam with moss. Place eucalyptus and berry branches in the foam so that they form flowing lines.

Finally, arrange cut poinsettias on the wreath so that the flowers do not overlap.

Ein barock anmutender Advenkranz mit roten, geschnittenen Weihnachtssternblüten, Eukalyptus-Zweigen und weißen Stabkerzen sitzt auf einem Glaspokal, der mit goldenen und bordeauxroten Kugeln gefüllt ist

When you cut the poinsettias, milky sap will flow out. To stop the discharge, dip the stems briefly in hot water (approx. 60 degrees Celsius) and then immediately in cold water. This is important so that the cut poinsettias last a long time.

Tip: This idea works better with different varieties rather than with just one. Poinsettias with curled bracts create a baroque look in combination with the glass goblet.

Silbernes Tablett auf Holzmöbel, darauf stehen umhäkelte Konservendosen mit vier cremefarbenen Mini-Weihnachtssternen und mit weißen Zahlenkerzen mit Beschriftung 1, 2, 3, 4 

Idea 5: Alternative Advent wreath in an upcycled style

Upcycling offers a great alternative to the classic Advent wreath. Get your wool out – it’s time to crochet!

Here’s how to do it:

Plant a mini poinsettia in each small, clean tin can. Cover the soil with moss. Cover the larger tins with foam and put candle holders with numbered candles from 1 to 4 in them. Use moss to cover the base. Now pull crocheted covers over the tins. If a metal rim remains visible, don’t worry.

Tip: Use a safety can opener to open the cans. It will not leave any sharp edges.

Adventskranz in Altrosa mit vielen geschnittenen Weihnachtssternen, Schleierkraut, Trockenblumen und Stabkerzen auf einem runden Beistelltisch aus Eichenholz

Idea 6: Dream Advent wreath in a trendy, boho style

To make this Advent wreath in blush tones, place cut poinsettias close together in a wreath made of foam. Christmas baubles and other Christmas accessories fill the centre of the wreath.

With coloured dried flowers and grasses such as glixia and lagurus as well as twigs with willow catkins, you can ensure that the Advent wreath is not just any old romantic look, but reflects the trendy boho style. We recommend taper candles in antique pink.

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