DIY poinsettia ideas: perfect for beginners

Here are six DIY ideas with poinsettias anyone can try. Simple but effective decorations that don't require any handicraft experience or skills! Easy-care poinsettias and homemade decorations are the best way forward.

These simple DIY poinsettia ideas are perfect for the moment when the scent of freshly baked cookies is in the air, mingled with that of  pine needles. Because then it’s high time to turn your home into a cosy place full of festive cheer.

Before we get to the ideas: Let’s look at the benefits of homemade poinsettia decorations. Maybe you’re wondering why you should make Christmas decorations yourself, when there are readymade ones for sale everywhere? Well, there are a lot of good reasons!

Here's what homemade poinsettia decorations have to offer:

  • A unique combination

You can buy poinsettia plants and readymade decorations in stores, but the combination of both is hard to find, and if you do, you’ll pay really big money for it! 😊

  • A personal touch for your home

Add a unique touch to your home that no-one else will have with homemade poinsettia decorations.

  • Being creative makes you happy

When was the last time you expressed your creative side? The run-up to Christmas is the perfect opportunity. You’ll find it’s incredibly satisfying to create something of your own. Even more so when poinsettias are involved.

  • Establish traditions

The run-up to Christmas is full of traditions that vary from family to family. Why not bring a new tradition to life by making your own decorations with poinsettias? You can involve family and friends to create wonderful memories.

  • Save your wallet

DIY projects with poinsettias aren’t only a feast for the soul, but also good for the wallet. Especially if you make your decorations using materials you no longer need or items you already have at home or which are easy to find.

  • Environmentally friendly

Homemade poinsettia decorations contribute to a more sustainable life, especially if they are upcycling projects.

  • Give from the heart

Homemade poinsettia decorations are also fantastic gift ideas. A handmade piece expresses appreciation and affection and is sure to be appreciated by your loved ones.

  • Quality time

Making poinsettia decorations together provides an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. Convinced? Then what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of homemade poinsettia decorations and let your creativity run wild.

Simple DIY poinsettia decorations for any occasion

From our huge collection of DIY projects, we’ve found craft projects suitable for many different situations. Honestly, it wasn’t easy to choose, because they’re all great!

Look forward to the following easy DIY poinsettia ideas: an Advent Calendar, a Table Decoration, an Advent Wreath, a Hanging Decoration, a Gift and a Christmas Tree Decoration. Instructions are included with all ideas (even though most are pretty much self-explanatory 😉).

DIY poinsettia Advent calendar

With this Advent calendar project, the gifts come in 24 jars with lids, which you can transform into brilliant works of art with just a little spray paint. For this upcycling project, you’ll need 24 empty jars with lids, spray paint in gold and pastel shades, gold and pastel stickers, a pen, and two pink poinsettias in matching planters.

Here’s how to do it: Spray the lids in gold and the jars in different pastel shades and leave everything to dry . Label the stickers with the numbers 1 to 24 and stick them on the jars. Fill the jars with small gifts, close them and arrange them together with the poinsettias on a windowsill or in another suitable place. (Read our article on the perfect location for poinsettias).

DIY poinsettia table decoration

This vintage chic etagere is an eye-catching centrepiece on any table. You can make it yourself in no time, with just three different sized plates, crystal glasses, a small glass vase, porcelain or high-quality all-purpose glue, colourful mini poinsettias and tea tins as planters.  Our “Instructions with pictures for the vintage DIY project” shows you how.

For simple table decorations cut poinsettias are also fantastic. For this project, watch the video Cut poinsettia table decorations.

DIY poinsettia Advent wreath

This wreath with pink mini poinsettias looks much more complicated than it is. To make it, simply plant mini poinsettias and succulents in a matching bowl and cover the soil with moss.

Then place a wreath of lichen branches around the rim of the bowl, decorate the arrangement with natural branches and add four candles in holders to your wreath. Done!😊

DIY hanging poinsettia decoration

Isn’t this floating trio of ‘stars’ adorable? Mini poinsettias (also known as Christmas Stars) are tucked into tins and  given new sparkle with ribbon, corrugated cardboard or paper, and decorative snowflakes.

Check out our DIY video on these suspended poinsettias to see how to do it yourself

DIY poinsettia gift

A tray filled with a poinsettia and other Christmas things like a jar of cookies, a bottle of liqueur, fragrant apples and cones is a star of a DIY Christmas gift you can bring together in no time.

The joy is even greater when the biscuits and liqueur are homemade 😉. The poinsettia is in a homemade planter.

Take an old planter, jar or tin can and wrap felt around it and tie with matching cord. Use spray or hot glue to make sure the ribbon and cord don’t slip.

For even more easy gift ideas, check out the video Quick & Easy: DIY gift projects with cut poinsettias.

DIY poinsettia Christmas tree decoration

Cut poinsettias in festive baubles and Christmas tree ornaments made from small branches will make any Christmas tree shine.

For the tree ornaments you will need straight, short branches, scissors, different coloured ribbons and string for hanging. The trick is to tie ribbons around the branches, getting longer from top to bottom so they look like little Christmas trees. For the poinsettia decoration, use cut poinsettias stems in water-filled baubles with the cap removed.

To make the cut poinsettias last, immediately after cutting, dip the cut ends in hot water (about 60°C) for five seconds, then place in cold water. Next, put them in the water-filled baubles and hang them up. Don’t forget to top them up regularly with fresh water. 😊 For more information on cut poinsettias, see the blog Poinsettias as cut flowers.