Decorative gift ideas with poinsettias

Bonn, 23 November 2017 – Christmas is the season for giving gifts and decorating. A tray with a poinsettia arrangement of your own making will take care of both things simultaneously – a creative and personal gift idea and a beautiful eye-catcher for the festive Christmas table. In the Advent and Christmas season this easy-care winter bloomer with its star-shaped bracts is not without good reason the absolute star among flowering houseplants: It is versatile and instantly puts everyone in the Christmas spirit. The ideas for poinsettia tray decorations presented here are easy to make, even without a lot of handcrafting skill.

A medium-sized wooden tray in fashionable vintage look and a showy white Princettia poinsettia with a handmade woolly pot cover are the essential components of this gift tray, made with love. To make the woolly dress, simply wrap an old pot, glass jar or large tin can in a thick strip of wool.

To keep the dress from slipping, affix here and there with spray glue or hot glue. As a final touch, tie a length of yarn in a matching colour around the pot. A glass of star-shaped cinnamon cookies, small bottle of homemade liqueur, fragrant apples and some pine cones complete the beautiful gift arrangement.

This snowy scenery with Christmas elves is the ideal little gift for families with small children and can be put together in no time. You’ll need a large tray with a high rim, cotton wool, small Christmas figurines and five or six miniature poinsettias.

And here’s how easy it is to make: Completely line the inside of the tray with a thick layer of cotton wool. Then place the poinsettia miniatures in glass pots and arrange them evenly on the tray. Carefully drape the “snow” around the plants to fully conceal the pots.

As a final touch, spread the Christmas figurines on the cotton. Done!

To make sure the tiny poinsettias stay radiantly beautiful for as long as possible, they need to be protected from the cold and draughts and should neither dry out nor get soaked. When watering the plants, it’s best to lift them up to make sure that no excessive water remains in the pot and to keep the cotton wool dry.

This classic Advent arrangement with cut poinsettias is also easy to make yourself in just a few steps. You’ll need a wooden tray with a low rim, three clay pots, one or two poinsettias, three candles, support wire, floral foam and pine cones for decorating. And here’s how it’s done: First fill the pot with wet floral foam and wire the candle. Then position the candle in the centre of the pot and insert cut poinsettias in the foam around it. As a final step, arrange the pots on the tray and decorate the spaces between them with pine cones and other accessories.

Tip: To ensure optimal durability of the arrangement, stop the milky sap leaking from the cut poinsettia stems by dipping the cut ends first in 60°C water for about five seconds, then briefly in cold water. Even easier to make is this charming table decoration. Place a classic red poinsettia in a decorative pot on a woven raffia tray.

Arrange red Christmas tree baubles, ornamental apples and pine cones around it and your centrepiece is complete. Poinsettia tray decorations can be assembled in any desired colour and design and can be customized in no time to suit the personal taste of the person receiving the gift.

Not only are they durable and beautiful to look at, but also very practical as they are easy to transport and can be set aside in a jiffy if the space on the table or sideboard is needed for something else.

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