Upcycling idea for the festive dining table: Poinsettia miniatures in clothespin mantle

What would Christmas be without festive meals in the circle of family and friends? In addition to special dishes and drinks, compelling table decorations in particular will set the mood. And inviting numerous guests also calls for place cards. With its colourful star-shaped bracts, this “canned” poinsettia miniature embellished with clothespins extends a radiant welcome to the guests while pointing them to their seats. This charming deco idea in its fashionable upcycling look is a highlight on every dining table and very easy to make.

Personal poinsettia table greetings can be crafted with just a few simple materials that can be found in most households. You will need a poinsettia miniature in your colour of choice, an empty food can, wooden clothespins, coloured string, a pen, hot glue and possibly spray paint.

Step 1: First remove the label from the tin can and wash it thoroughly. Open the can with a can-opener that doesn’t leave sharp edges, to avoid the risk of injury.

Step 2: Then cover the outside of the can with hot glue and attach the wooden clothespins in a tight row with the clip ends facing down. Allow to dry completely. If you like, the clothespins can now be spray-painted.

Step 3: As a final touch, wrap coloured string around the ring of clothespins, write the name of a guest on them and carefully place the poinsettia with its pot in the decorated can. And you’re done!

Alternative: Instead of gluing the clothespins to the food can, if you use a flat tin, for example one that had tuna in it, the clothespins can simply be clipped onto the rim.

Tip: Poinsettias cannot tolerate waterlogging, neither should they be allowed to dry out. Due to the low storage capacity of their root bales, special attention should be paid when watering poinsettia miniatures.

More pretty decoration ideas with poinsettias can be found at www.starsforeurope.com. Further information and additional pictures are available in a free download at www.stars-for-europe.eu. Reprint free of charge with reference to the “Stars for Europe” image source, specimen copy requested.

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