Thoughtful gift ideas with poinsettias. Handmade is on-trend.

Give the gift of a DIY decorated poinsettia, and you‘re not only giving a lovely plant and decor peice, but also time, love and attention. It’s not only the recipient who gains something, as the maker of the project does too: nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing the fruits of your own labour followed by a beaming smile on the receipients’ face.

Find inspiration in the following nine creative ideas, designed by craft specialists at Stars for Europe.

Poinsettia in a sack

With a few simple steps and a little material, a poinsettia can be transformed into a gift everyone who likes to keep it natural. You will need: a jute sack, velvet ribbon, a planter, a larch branch, a poinsettia in a 12cm or 13cm pot and scissors. First, place the planter in the jute bag. It will look “crumpled”. Tie a velvet bow around it to hold the fabric in-place on the pot. Push the larch branch in the bow and place the poinsettia in the planter. Done!


This idea is a clever take on the classic terrarium. Succulents aren’t a typical Christmas plant, nor do deer live in the same habitat as the poinsettia. But anything is possible behind glass. In this scene, the bright red poinsettia plays a leading role. With its playful use of different elements, this decoration works for autumn as well.

Upcycling a drinks carton

This upcycling idea creates an original gift and is easy to make. Here’s how it’s done:

Clean a cardboard drinks carton and cut off the top, then squeeze and crumple the lower part of the carton so that the outer layer of card softens. Add a design of your choice with paint or pens. Once the cardboard has dried, make a slight incision at the upper edges and fold the cardboard outwards to create a lip. Finally, place mini poinsettias inside each one and arrange them on a ceramic tray together with decorations.

Poinsettia in a cone vase

This poinsettia in a cone vase is a perfect, natural gift idea for anyone who loves the woodlands. It’s quick to make, but you’ve got to enjoy a walk in the woods first.

You will need: round glass containers, spruce cones, a poinsettia in a 10cm pot, a pillar candle, string (red and white), a glue gun with glue sticks and scissors.

How it’s done: glue the cones directly around the glass placed close together using hot glue. Tie the string around the cones twice and finish in a bow. Place the poinsettia and candle into the containers.

Enjoy and gift your creation! Incidentally, the term “pine cones” is most commonly used, but the cones we’ve use for this design are actually from the spruce tree. The classic Christmas trees of pine, spruce and fir all produce cones, but you’re less likely to see fir cones used for decorations since real fir cones continue decaying on the tree and there are fewer scales at their base.

Countdown to Christmas

An Advent candle makes this arrangement special. Here’s how it’s done: soak a suitable piece of fresh floral foam and place it into a planter. Wire the candle and insert it in the middle. Decorate the base with juniper, pine sprigs, cut poinsettias and cones. Tip: cut poinsettias will stay fresh for up to two weeks if they are dipped in hot water (approx. 60°C) for a few seconds immediately after cutting and then kept moist with cold water.

A feast for vintage lovers

A vintage metal box, decorated with natural materials and poinsettias, makes a fabulous display and a wonderful gift for the festive season. It’s easy to make at home, even if you haven’t got green fingers.

The trick is that hidden jars give structure which means putting each piece together is like child’s play. You will need two poinsettias, two small artificial cypress trees, a few twigs of winterberry (Ilex verticillata), decorative mini red apples, blue spruce and juniper twigs, jars of different sizes, a pillar candle, a metal box, garden shears and a hot glue gun with sticks.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Place the jars side by side in a box. Place one of them between the others upsidedown,glue a second jar on top and place a candle in it. This means it can be seen above the other decorative accessories later.

Step 2: Plant the cypress trees in the jars and fill another jar with decorative mini red apples.

Step 3: Plant two poinsettias in the jars and place them in the box next to the cypress trees.

Step 4: Decorate with the blue spruce and berry branches. Now it’s ready to gift to someone!

Pine needle planter

With its natural yet contemporary look, it takes a little time to create this stunning arrangement, but it’s well worth the effort. You will need: a poinsettia, tracing paper, lots of pine needles, a roll of wire, a planter, pine cones and a tray. And for tools: a pen, scissors, spray glue, pliers, a glass bowl and a decorative star template.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Unwind the wire from its reel and form it into a mesh bowl. If necessary, twist any awkward pieces together. Tip: use an upside-down bowl for shaping.

Step 2: Push pine needles into the wire frame until no more wire is visible. This works best if you insert bundles of needles by the handful.

Step 3: Fix the needles layer by layer with spray adhesive.

Step 4: Use tracing paper to create a 3D star. Templates are available online for this.

Step 5: Put the poinsettia in the planter and then in the pine needle bowl. Then place it on a decorative tray and embellish with accessories.

Bouquet with crochet collar

A warm and natural display: to make a poinsettia bouquet with a crochet collar you’ll need a vase, different coloured poinsettias and other florals such as eucalyptus, carnations, hypericum and limonium. You will also need thick wool, a metal ring, decorative wooden skewers (such as baubles or straw stars), reel wire and floral tape; and tools such as secateurs, pliers, craft scissors, a knife and a glue gun.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Attach wire to the metal ring at regular intervals. Wrap with floral tape to create a bouquet framework. Tip: it’s best to twist wire ends using pliers.

Step 2: Crochet the wool by hand (form a loop and then pull one end back through the loop, and so on) to form a length the same size as the circumference of the metal ring. Carry on crocheting the wool with a second row to make a collar.

Step 3: Continue this for several rows, creating fewer stitches with each row, so that the collar becomes smaller and tighter. To cast off, cut the thread on the last stitch and pull the open end through the gap to form a knot.

Step 4: Place the metal ring in the middle of the crochet wool cuff and fix it in place with glue.

Step 5: Cut poinsettia bracts and immerse the ends of the stems in hot water for a few seconds and then straight away in cold water. Push the poinsettias gently into the metal ring and tie into a bouquet. Sometimes wooden skewers can add a decorative touch and a little more structure.

Finally, tie it all with string and place in the vase.

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