The poinsettia: Always a beautiful present

Christmas is known as a celebration of love and a time for reflection. Friends and family meet up to spend time together and enjoy the festivities together. But sadly the real meaning of Christmas often gets lost these days. Rather than peace and calm, the weeks before Christmas are often filled with frantic consumerism. Giving a “Christmas Star” as a present can do much to restore some of the lost magic of Christmas and give back some of the meaning of original traditions to the festivities.

Because this plant is not only a powerful symbol of Christmas, it is also a wonderful, uncomplicated gift for expressing big feelings in a simple way. And no one has to worry about whether the Christmas present will be appreciated, because thanks to the wide diversity and variability of this beautiful winter bloomer hardly anyone is able to resist its charm.

A star for many occasions

Whether as a thank note to a mother, a message of love to a partner, symbol of affection for a best friend, word of encouragement for a friendly shop assistant or a small gesture of appreciation to a helpful neighbour, a poinsettia makes an ideal gift for every occasion. The plants are not expensive, yet they can bring so much joy and lend expression to strong emotions. And due to the many different colours and shapes, with the right accessories a suitable poinsettia arrangement can be created for every preference. Even without any extra adornments this plant with its star-shaped brightly-coloured bracts always cuts a fine figure.

A star for every preference

Poinsettias come in all sizes – from miniatures measuring only a few centimetres in height, which is just the right format for dainty children’s hands, to the “normal” pot size and lavish shrubs, as well as topiaries that can grow to up to one metre. The colour spectrum stretches from a range of reds to apricot, cream, pink, rose and white, salmon, orange, cinnamon and lemon-yellow. Add to that the numerous bicolour variants with their charming marbling and spots. Even the shape of the leaves varies from one variety to another. Poinsettias look lovely with their pointed or rounded dentate leaves, some even having curled edges. With all this to choose from everyone is guaranteed to find the perfect poinsettia. By the way: At the start of the season in November can be found the largest range of varieties in garden centres and nurseries So if you are looking for a very special colour or growth habit, you shouldn’t wait too long!

Masters of modification: Easy-to-make personalized presents with poinsettias

The easy-care winter bloomer is a true master of modification and offers virtually unlimited possibilities for creating personalized gifts with poinsettias. For example, transforming a simple pot into a handmade decorative pot or alternative planter with a flick of the wrist to give someone a unique present. As cut flowers, poinsettias adorn presents and add highlights to bouquets, arrangements and vases.

As delicate poinsettia miniatures, they display their colour splendour and beauty in Christmas hanging baskets, Christmas tree and table decorations as well as handcrafted Advent calendars and wreaths. The diversity and variability of this plant make it possible to create all kinds of wonderful poinsettia gifts for every occasion and every personal preference.

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