Simple craft projects with poinsettias On-trend upcycling decorations for the festive season

Low-cost, unique and sustainable, the upcycling trend is still going strong. More and more people are declaring war on our throwaway society and discovering the creative reuse of worn-out objects for themselves. The experts from Stars for Europe (SfE) present three original upcycling projects with everyday objects and poinsettias that create a festive feel and are as on-trend as they are simple to make.

Cake stand in pastel vintage style

Colourful pastel shades, vintage and DIY – three decoration trends come together in this beautiful cake stand. This unique, one-of-a-kind design made of plates and glasses is quick to make and guaranteed to be a highlight on any table with different coloured mini poinsettias in pretty little tins.

To make this colourful decoration in a pastel candy look, you will need three plates of different sizes (e.g. dinner plate, side plate and saucer), decorative glasses, a small glass vase, ceramic or high-quality all-purpose glue, colourful mini poinsettias and small tins as planters.

Here’s how:

Step 1: First work out on the order of your glasses or vases and decide whether they should be placed with the base or the opening facing upwards. Then glue the plates and glasses together one by one. Apply the glue to the base or the rim of the glass and press onto the plate until the glue is completely set. You will need three plates and two glasses for a three-tiered cake stand.

Step 2: Plant the colourful mini poinsettias in the tins and arrange them on the cake stand. Important: Make sure you wait until the glue has dried completely.

Step 3: Finally, as a finishing touch, glue a small glass vase on to the top plate, fill with water and place a cut poinsettia in it. Done!

Poinsettia swing made from wooden coat hangers

There’s no shortage of coat hangers in most households, so why not turn some of them into an alternative plant swing that becomes a stand for a gorgeous poinsettia during the winter months? This quirky craft project takes just a few simple steps to make.

For this unique flower swing, all you need are three wooden hangers with crossbars, a hot glue gun/drill and three screws, different coloured cord and sturdy string to attach the flower swing to the ceiling.

Here’s how: Place the three coat hangers on top of each other so the crossbars form a triangle on the inside. Then fix the hangers at the contact points with hot glue or screws. Next, tie a long piece of string around the base of each of the three hooks. For the hanging loop, knot the three ends of string together at your desired length.Finally, wrap the coat hangers at different points with coloured cord in trendy colours and hang the finished plant swing from a hook on the ceiling. Done!

Clothes hanger Christmas tree

It doesn’t always have to be a wreath. This Christmas door decoration in the shape of a fir tree is sure to be copied.

For this original upcycling idea, all you need is a pair of pliers, a simple steel coat hanger, moss, craft wire, a test tube and a cut poinsettia.

Here’s how: First, using the pliers, bend the hanger into the shape of a Christmas tree, leaving the hook intact. Then wrap the tree shape with moss. Use fine reel/craft wire to hold it in place. Finally, use the wire to attach the test tube to the bottom of the tree trunk or hang it from the top, fill it with water and place the cut poinsettia inside. Done!

Tip: Cut poinsettias will keep fresh and beautiful for up to two weeks in a vase filled with water or in a flower tube if, immediately after cutting, the stems are first immersed in hot water (approx. 60 degrees) and then in cold water. This seals the cut ends and stops the flow of sap.

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