Radiantly beautiful Christmas. Hanging decorations with poinsettias

 True poinsettia fans like having these brightly-coloured winter bloomers in sight at all times. Hanging poinsettia decorations are especially well-suited for this, as they lift up the beautiful stars to eye level in every sense of the word. These magnificent plants hang from the ceiling, adorn Christmas trees, branches and walls and even wardrobes and cupboards. The following ideas show you just how diversified hanging decorations with poinsettias can be, with everything from “quick & easy” to “requires a bit of dexterity”.

Original eye-catcher to replicate: Poinsettia in a vine ring

Wreaths are everywhere during the Advent and Christmas season. With poinsettias they become beautiful, festive eye-catchers with a flick of the wrist. This hanging decoration is based on a metal ring that is wrapped in clematis vines and decorated with scented eucalyptus and pine twigs. A bright-red poinsettia in the centre of the wreath automatically draws all the attention. With the right materials and a bit of skill, you can make this original hanging decoration yourself.

To replicate this floating wreath, in addition to a bit of experience in arts & crafts, you will need a poinsettia, a metal ring, clematis vines, eucalyptus, pine and larch twigs, glass jar, jute string, wool felt, gold wire, wrapping wire, tie wire and ribbons as well as a hot glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, pruning shears and a twister.

And here’s how it’s done: First of all, prepare the pot for the poinsettia by cutting the felt to size, wrapping it around the jar and securing with hot glue. The glue will prevent the felt from slipping. Next, wrap gold wire around the felt-covered jar in a criss-cross pattern. This not only looks pretty but also affixes the felt cover securely. In the third step, loop two lengths of wrapping wire around the jar and attach the ends to both sides of the metal ring (in the lower half). Important: Pull the wires taut and tightly twist the ends with the twister. In the fourth step, conceal the wrapping wire with jute string, tie it to the ring and trim the ends.

In the fifth step, hang up the wire ring, arrange clematis vines around it and affix with tie wires. If desired, the vines can be painted gold beforehand. Adorn two-thirds of the finished frame with different types of florals. Suitable materials include pine twigs, eucalyptus, cones or ivy. Secure the pine twigs where necessary with the twister. In the seventh step, set the poinsettia in the felt-covered jar. Finally, decorate the ring with a variety of ribbons.

Tie the centre of each ribbon to the top, allowing the ends to flow down past the bottom of the ring. Hang accessories on gold wires in the wreath. Done!

Poinsettia ornament for the Christmas tree

This enchanting poinsettia cone for the tree can be made with a flick of the wrist – even if you aren’t very experienced in arts & crafts. You will need a poinsettia miniature, plastic cone vase, construction paper, tinsel ribbon, hot glue gun and glue sticks and an awl. And here’s how it’s done: Punch two holes in the rim of the cone vase. Wrap construction paper around the cone and secure with hot glue. Extend the holes through the paper, draw the tinsel ribbon through the holes and tie knots. Hang the cone on the Christmas tree.

Set the poinsettia miniature in the vase. Done!

Christmas tree ornaments can also be made with cut poinsettias in no time. Simply cut the poinsettia stems and insert in glass tubes that have been tied to the tree with jute string. Tip: Cut poinsettias will keep for up to two weeks if the flow of sap is stopped right after cutting the stems by dipping them in 60°C water for a few seconds, then immediately in cold water.

"Christmas tree" of a different kind: Branches adorned with poinsettias

Whether as a gaily-coloured Advent decoration or an original alternative to the classic Christmas tree, this branch hung with colourful Christmas baubles is always a great eye-catcher. In the picture on the left, some of the baubles have been repurposed into tiny vases that beautifully display the cut poinsettias in various colour shades.

In this example, a big larch branch provides the perfect basis for Christmas decorations with natural flair. Ceramic pots with poinsettia miniatures are hung on leather cords. This decoration looks especially beautiful with glass ornaments in up-to-the-minute shades of copper and violet, shiny or mother-of-pearl.

The hanging decoration on the right is attached on a string to the top of a wardrobe. The basis here is also a larch branch with Christmassy accessories. But here the poinsettias are inserted in simple shabby-chic clay pots, creating a look that fits in especially well in living spaces with vintage flair.

Even more ideas?!

Never before has the Advent season been more beautiful than with this idea, which is just as decorative as it is easy to make. For star-studded perfection at eye-level, simply set a poinsettia in a woven plant bag and hang it on a white-washed branch along with additional decorations or Advent calendar packages.

Bunches of pampas grass and eucalyptus twigs form the timeless basis for this wall decoration. Adding seasonal accents transforms it into a pre-Christmas highlight. Ornamental asparagus, grasses and Myrica – all painted silver – lend special radiance to the cut poinsettias in water tubes.

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