Guaranteed wow effect: Deco idea with poinsettias for the 4th Sunday in Advent

Handmade! Bowls in on-trend frozen look

Who doesn’t dream of a white Christmas? We can’t control whether it’s snowing and freezing outside. But now it is possible to bring winter into your home anytime: with poinsettias in a bowl of ice that never melts. This on-trend frozen look can be created with the flick of a wrist using hot glue sticks.

All you need are snow-white Princettia plants, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, a glass bowl, dishwashing liquid, a tray or plate, freezer bags, rubber bands, cotton wool, string, scissors, deco material such as moss, branches, cones, ornaments and artificial snow.

Here's how it's done:

Step 1: Rub the outside of a large glass bowl with dishwashing liquid. Next, dribble hot glue on the bowl to make a crisscross pattern. Depending on the desired level of transparency, keep on adding strings of glue until a stable mould is achieved.

Step 2: Allow the hot glue to cool and detach from the bowl. Insert a pretty coloured tray or large saucer in the glue structure.

Step 3: Place a Princettia poinsettia in its culture pot in a freezer bag and secure with rubber bands. Next, wrap a thick layer of cotton wool around the pot. Tie a string around it.

Step 4: Arrange the poinsettia on the tray together with cushion moss, cones, lichen and glass and paper ornaments. Sprinkle a bit of artificial snow over top and as a final touch, add a gnarly branch. Voila! Your frozen-look Christmas decoration is done.

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