Creative upcycling ideas with poinsettias

Bonn, 16 November 2017 – In the final weeks of the year it’s high season for poinsettias. With their star-shaped, brightly-coloured bracts they are a perfect match for Christmas decorations and are extremely popular among people of all ages, either for presents or eye-catching room decorations.

DIY fans in particular appreciate the diversity and variability of this plant and like using them for individually-tailored decorations and original gifts. And in the midst of the current upcycling trend, used items are repurposed into new creations while meeting the objectives of general sustainability endeavours. In the

Christmas season, poinsettias lend Christmas flair to such new creations. Just how to combine these winter bloomers with old PET bottles, tin cans, CD cases or culled porcelain to make creative Christmas decorations, is demonstrated by the handcrafted ideas shown here.

Hanging stars make eye-catching Christmas decorations

Hanging decorations with poinsettias are space-savers and create festive eye-catchers in any room, without taking up any free surfaces. The hanging poinsettia decorations below, made with empty bottles and tin cans, are not only inexpensive and sustainable, but will also grab attention with their originality.These days every household has plastic bottles lying around. Normally, the empties are collected for recycling after use. And yet there are so many ways to use them to create new things, as this hanging Christmas decoration demonstrates. With three clear PET bottles, a few cut poinsettias and some coloured string, you can make this yourself with a flick of the wrist.

Here’s how to do it: Cut the empty bottle in half with a pair of scissors, wrap the top half with coloured ribbon or string and hang it upside-down on a hook in the ceiling. Screw on the caps, fill with water and your shiny recycled vases are ready to hold the red cut poinsettias like stars in the sky. Important: To keep the poinsettias fresh for as long as possible the stems should be sealed by dipping the cut ends first in 60°C water for about five seconds, then briefly in cold water.

Used food tins can also be transformed into decorative hanging pots quickly and easily. For this enchanting poinsettia trio you will need three poinsettia miniatures, three empty corn or soup tins, string, shiny paper, cardboard, thick yarn and deco snowflakes. You will also need a screwdriver and spray glue or hot glue.

First use the screwdriver to punch two holes in the sides of the can just below the rim. Thread strings through these holes and knot securely on the inside. Now cover the outside of the can with glue and stick on your choice of shiny paper, cardboard or thick wool. As a final touch, glue on the deco snowflakes, place the poinsettia miniatures in their pots carefully in the decorated tins and hang them up on their strings.

Tip: Open the cans with a can-opener that doesn’t leave any sharp edges!

Trendy star decorations to give as gifts

Upcycling is also a good way to create unique little presents. Here we introduce two especially nice ways to repurpose things you no longer need to make Christmas gifts with stars.

Upcycling meets vintage: In this easy-to-make gift idea, old teacups and gravy boats serve as decorative plant pots and original candle holders. Placed on a rectangular wooden tray, poinsettia miniatures of various colours become marvellous eye-catchers in their vintage vessels.

Candles, either glued to spoons that are bent to the desired shape and hung on the teacups or attached directly to the china with clips, will add extra Christmas cheer. Cards can be made of cardboard and paper cake doilies and hung on the creations to add a personal greeting.

With little time and effort you can whip up this poinsettia decoration in its transparent CD case outfit. In this day and age of digital music, most households will have some CD cases lying around. For implementing this original DIY idea, all you need is five empty CD cases, some pine needles, two greeting cards and hot glue.

And here’s how to do it: Arrange pine needles in two of the CD cases and in two others insert greeting cards that are cut to size. The fifth case will be used for the bottom of the decorative box. Attach the CD cases together with hot glue. As soon as the glue has dried, the poinsettia can be placed inside the box. Place it first in a waterproof pot to protect your creative work from getting wet when the plant is watered.

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