A dinner guest with diversity. Festive table decorations with poinsettias.

When friends and family join together for a meal at Christmas time, alongside the delicious food and drinks no festively set table is complete without some eye-catching table decorations. And flowers play the leading role here. In the final weeks of the year the star of the show creating a festive atmosphere is the poinsettia, because its magnificent, star-shaped bracts easily make it the perfect accompaniment for the Christmas season. Another reason for the popularity of these beautiful stars is their incredible diversity.

They come in such a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes that they fit in effortlessly in any interior style. Additionally, they are equally beautiful as pot plants and cut flowers in a vase. The following ideas for festive table decorations with poinsettias demonstrate the diversity and adaptability of these plants and will inspire you to get creative with poinsettias.

Natural-classic: table decoration with cut red poinsettias

This table decoration with cut red poinsettias is proof that classic is not necessarily the same thing as old-fashioned. With just a dozen poinsettia stems, tea lights and natural elements such as moss, evergreens and cones, a fantastic Christmas look can be created. Placemats made of rustic tree slices and drinking glasses in on-trend vintage style lend the festive dining table that extra special touch. At every place setting the guests are greeted by a single cut poinsettia.

Tip: Wrap the tip of the stem in green tape or insert it in a water-filled orchid tube.

Decadently-opulent dining table: the poinsettia in all its glory

A festival of the senses: On this decadently-opulent Christmas dining table, the poinsettia unfurls its wealth of diversity. Christmas stars in red, pink and salmon set festive accents. Carefully selected deco pots, baubles, cones and crab apples serve as additional accessories. Those who like things over-the-top will love this brightly-coloured table decoration.

Here again, on this table every guest will find their own personal welcome greeting: The arrangement of a poinsettia miniature, cones, crab apples, baubles and name tag makes a lovely alternative to the classic place card holder. Tip: A tiny plant pot helps keep the plate clean.

For romantics: Christmas dreams in pastel red-and-cream

Cut poinsettias in pastel red-and-cream and eucalyptus branches lend this table decoration a romantic touch. Leaving away the usual fancy table linens, candles and glamour gives this adorned dining table an air of lightness and naturalness.

In the centre of the table, an amphora-shaped vase draws the attention of the guests. This splendid eye-catcher can be made with a flick of the wrist. Simply fill the vase with wet floral foam and alternatively insert the poinsettias and eucalyptus twigs.

This table decoration in up-to-the-minute green living style also welcomes each guest with the radiantly beautiful faux flower of a cut poinsettia.

White Christmas: simple-elegant table decoration with white poinsettias

Table decorations with white poinsettias look especially festive. In this design only pot plants are used. Straight lines and a reduction to just a few accessories underscore the impression of simple elegance. The centre of the table is adorned with radiantly beautiful poinsettias in deco pots that are as simple as they are elegant. Matching candle holders with simple white candles and single cones round off the harmonious look. At every place setting a delightful poinsettia miniature greets the dinner guests.

Their names are written on tiny cards made of drafting paper, which are tied to the pots with a gilded leaf and decorative ribbon. A lovely alternative to the classic place card holder that will be sure to wow all the guests.

Tip: Wrap the deco pot in cotton wool. This not only looks pretty, it also helps keep the plate clean.

By the way: Cut poinsettias will stay fresh for up to two weeks if the stems are sealed immediately after cutting. Hold the stem in approx. 60° C water for a few seconds, then dip it in cold water, then insert in fresh water in a vase.

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