Upcycling meets vintage: Advent table decoration with poinsettias

Bonn, 12 December 2017 – Candlelight and poinsettias spread festive flair during the Christmas season. In this Advent table decoration, both elements are combined to generate maximum Christmas spirit. The pretty DIY idea with old china as plant pots will appeal to vintage and upcycling fans alike and makes for the perfect gift for a host or hostess. With a bit of creativity, they can be made in just a few steps.

To construct it, all you need is three poinsettia miniatures of different colours, two teacups with matching saucers, a small gravy boat or other no longer used piece of china, moss, sprigs of holly, ornamental apples, bendable spoons, a candle clip, tree candles, string, coloured cardboard, cake doilies and wooden beads. You will also need tools, such as a hole punch, pliers, scissors and hot glue.

Step 1: Carefully remove the poinsettias from their pots and place them inside the cups and centre. Gently tuck in tufts of moss around the roots to fill the spaces.

Step 2: Decorate the top of the moss with natural materials such as ornamental apples or sprigs of holly.

Step 3: Using the pliers, bend the spoons in such a way so they can be hooked on the teacups for holding the candles.

Step 4: Then hot-glue the candles on the spoons and hook them on the china planters. Alternatively, the Christmas tree candles can also be attached to the handles with candle clips.

Step 5: Using a hole punch and some glue, make three ornaments from the cardboard and cake doilies.

Step 6: As a final step, hang the ornaments on the handles with string. Beads strung on the string will add that little something extra to the ornaments, which are well-suited for personal greetings.

Tip: Poinsettias cannot tolerate waterlogging, neither should they be allowed to dry out. Due to the low storage capacity of their root bales, special attention should be paid when watering poinsettia miniatures.

More pretty decoration ideas with poinsettias can be found at www.starsforeurope.com. Further information and additional pictures are available in a free download at www.stars-for-europe.eu. Reprint free of charge with reference to the “Stars for Europe” image source, specimen copy requested.

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